The five stages of exercising

Posted on Tue 18 July 2017 in Life

The five stages of regular exercising:

  1. Exercise == pain
  2. Actually this doesn't hurt
  3. This feels good
  4. Feel bad when you miss your daily exercise
  5. Exercise when you shouldn't

Examples of #5 are going for a run when it's too hot or when the air pollution is bad. Or in my case as a middle aged guy, going for my regular walk when there is a typhoon coming in or when my knee is acting up.

My dad started running in Oklahoma in the summer in the 80s. He had an epiphany that getting up to run at 7 AM when it was only 85 degrees F would do the same amount of good as doing it later in the day when it was over 100 degrees. I guess this is some combination of "#5" and thinking that it had to be painful or it was not exercise.