About Me

I run a consulting company (Cogini) which helps early stage companies build products. I serve as their “CTO on demand” / “virtual technical cofounder,” defining the product then managing the team to build it.

I grew up in Oklahoma, then went to the University of Southern California to study aerospace engineering. After graduation, I went to Taiwan to study Chinese and fell in love with Taiwan (and my wife).

While I was studying Chinese, I worked for Advantech, Taiwan's leading manufacturer of industrial computers, then joined Control Data, a US multinational systems integration company. I did projects all across Asia, focusing on value added network services, big e-commerce, and logistics. British Telecom bought Control Data, and I continued to build telecom and logistics systems.

During the .com days, I worked for a small Taiwanese venture capital company, then a series of startups and technical consulting companies focusing on logistics and e-commerce. I founded a startup creating "turn key" VoIP systems for small telecoms, serving as VP of R&D. After a hostile takeover of the company by our investor best discussed over beers, I went back to consulting, working for Axway, a French vendor of EAI systems, then started Cogini.

Since 2005, I have delivered hundreds of projects for startups and enterprise customers. My broad range of experience lets me produce innovative integrated solutions combining embedded hardware, network communications, enterprise systems and internet applications.

I would love to help you make your dreams come true. Please contact me at jake@cogini.com to get started.